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Our passion is marine aquariums and our drive is to make these beauties a reality for any hobbyist. We are given a huge responsibility in caring for animals that have come from near and far. It is our goal to make sure every hobbyist is given the right tools, the correct information and the enthusiasm to succeed in achieving a vibrant, healthy and successful aquarium in their home.

In all ReefKeeper stores you will find everything to make the dream aquarium a reality. From the ground up, we can help you choose your perfect aquarium with the right equipment to sustain and grow your tank, and all the livestock to create a beautiful slice of the sea, just as you imagine it to be.

If you can dream it, we will help make it a reality.

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Store Spotlight


Under the paternal gaze of Ed, Windsor became our first truly marine focused Maidenhead Aquatics, breaking the conventional mould and redefining the boundaries of what a specialist store could offer. Ever evolving, Windsor has gained a reputation for its hard to source fish, bringing in fish like Kingii Angels, Gem Tangs, Dr Seuss Soapfish, Lennardi Wrasse, Clarion Angels and Wrought Iron Butterflies. In fact, there are very few fish that haven't been on display in our Windsor store! Also much loved for its expansive coral trays (now totally over 70 square feet!) and welcoming staff, we invite you to visit. A vibrant, lively and dynamic store awaits you.

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