Passionate about marine aquatics

About Us

We are the UK’s leading marine retail specialists

Our team of enthusiasts caters to all and every aspect of the home marine aquarium. From the initial design to the resulting flourishing reef - let us make your dream a reality.

Our livestock is our priority

We work tirelessly with suppliers to bring you the healthiest, most colourful and, most importantly, sustainable livestock you can find. By personally visiting facilities in countries such as Bali, Vietnam, Australia, America, Jakarta, and supporting charities such as the LINI project, you can be assured the welfare of livestock is our top priority.

A strong focus on customer service

Through listening, discussing and the sharing of ideas and good practice, our goal is to enable your aquarium to thrive and blossom, and together we can determine what works both for you and the slice of the slice of the ocean in your care.

We stock leading brands

We only support and stock the brands we know will perform well for your marine aquarium needs

Evolution Aqua
Fauna Marin
Neptune Systems

Brought to you by the best in the business

With over 30 years of experience and over 160 stores within the group, we come to you with a history of experience and expertise in our field. Our stores do not stand alone but are part of a family of new and old, and far and wide. Collectively, we have specialists in all aspects of the hobby, be it health of livestock, knowledge of filtration equipment, compatibility of species, all areas are covered.