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Please call the store on 01344 453666 as opening times may vary throughout the year
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  • Warfield
  • Bracknell
  • Berkshire
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  • 01344 453666

The ReefKeeper at Moss End is very proud to be the first of its kind! As Maidenhead Aquatics, Windsor opened in 2008 and has gained a significant following ever since – a leading marine store in the region!

Looking for more space, we took the decision to upgrade and move the store in March 2019, into the nearby Moss End Garden Centre!

In store you'll find over 9000l dedicated to marine fish, 5000l to corals made up from over 58’ of coral trays, 300l for clean up crew, over 12m of fresh water bays and over 10,000l for pond fish.

Moss End has a reputation for the rarer fish and every visit will delight the connoisseur of the unusual. Within the last 12 months alone we've had a Kingii angel, Clarion angel, several Gem tangs, Bandit angels, Candy swiss guards, Jocualtor angel, Lennardi wrasse, Femininus wrasse, Redtail triggers, Blue spot Jawfish, a Tigerpyges and Tri-colour scopas to name but a few of our treasures!

In addition to the beautiful fish, we also have weekly deliveries of corals from around the world as well as from a local frag farm, giving you the widest choice available. We aim to hold around 250 frags of softies, SPS and LPS at all times, with prices starting at £5 each. It is also our intention to stock over 500 pieces of coral ranging from zoanthids to colonies of acans, cultured acropora and stunning wild collected Australian acropora.

Beyond the reef, for the freshwater keepers, we have an eclectic mix of community fish, a abundance of L numbers and freshly delivered plants coming in weekly. And, in our water garden area, we have a great selection of pond plants and a wide variety of pond fish.

Of course, no store would be complete without a showroom of the market leading aquariums. Browse this area and you will discover the beautiful AquaOaks, the comprehensive Red Sea range, Evolution Aqua ReefPro, Fluval Romas, Jewel, Aqua Experts and much more besides. There's a tank here for anyone, be it for your first home aquarium or a huge, custom made and designed slice of the reef!

All the major brands are held in stock and we have working displays of much of what we sell. For the saltwater hobbyist we have Red Sea, AquaIllumination, Deltec, D&D, Ecotech, TMC, Nyos, APEX plus many more. For the tropical keeper and pond enthusiast we stock a huge selection of products for all your needs, such as AquaCare, Fluval, JBL, Laguna, Oase, Hozelock etc

If there's anything we can do to help you, please pop in or pick up the phone.

We look forward to seeing you soon!