Aqua Marin 1200 Pro Marine Released!

Posted in Products on 9th Jul 2019

After the launch of the Aqua Marin 900, we’re extremely proud to announce the release of the Aqua Marin 1200! Both tanks can be viewed in store!

We are really proud of the stunning Aqua Marin Pro 1200, exclusively available at Maidenhead Aquatics. With all the same unique features as the smaller 900 aquarium, the Aqua Marin 1200 has the same sump, pipework, space saving weir and filter socks. Available in matt black, matt white, Mekong and hickory.

The Aqua Marin Pro 1200 incorporates a unique ‘letterbox’ style weir system which allows maximum water movement with the minimum of space taken up within the aquarium. Assisting the ‘letterbox’ weir is an Ultra-Flow Weir Comb to allow maximum flow whilst capturing larger debris before it enters the sump. The Ultra-Flow Overflow Weir Comb is designed with a unique vertical and horizontal drain slots that allows around 30% to 50% more water to flow through the slotted sections compared to a vertical type weir, which in normal circumstances, can result in a much higher running level. The Ultra-Flow Overflow Weir Comb maintains a high flow at all times, resulting in a higher flow-through, allowing you to use larger return pumps with higher flow rates.

Inside the cabinet of the Aqua Marin Pro 1200 sits a vivarium style sump, which helps to reduce evaporation, noise and heat loss. There is an additional 12 inches of storage space within the cabinet to the left of the sump which can be used to store other essential fishkeeping products. The sump houses a bracket which can hold 2 x 4” filter socks, a skimmer chamber, bubble trap, spacious return pump compartment and a top up chamber. The filter sock bracket can be easily removed and allows the user to upgrade to the D-D Clarisea 3000 filter unit perfectly.

Water returning to the aquarium goes through 2 x VCA ‘RGA’ (Random Flow Generator™) return outlets. These produce the kind of random flow your reef tank needs– with no moving parts!

Benefits of the RGA system are:

  • Create a random flow pattern which encourages coral growth and recreates tidal currents
  • No moving parts so minimal maintenance required
  • Silent operation

In addition to the fantastic weir, sump and return system, the Aqua Marin 1200 aquarium also boasts the additional following benefits:

  • Internal shelf above the sump houses a 6-way electrical socket for all your equipment to be plugged in safely and easily.
  • Air gap at the bottom of the cabinet doors ensures good circulation and helps prevent any moisture.

Includes aquarium, cabinet, vivarium style sump, 2 filter socks and all required pipework.

Brought to you exclusively by the award winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation.

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