Rugby is up and running!

Posted in News on 17th Apr 2018

Reefkeeper Rugby opened it's doors in January 2018, the second of the Maidenhead Aquatics ReefKeeper stores.

Within its four walls, you will discover a huge variety of livestock! A dedicated fish system of over 4000 litres holds all the reef and ‘fish only’ species you are ever likely to encounter. From the humble chromis up to the rarest and most exotic species that are extremely hard to source in the hobby, we will have them all!

Moving onto the world of corals, a staggering 68 feet of coral trays awaits you. Lit by AI Hydras and Ecotech Radions, contains every conceivable coral. We have the simple yet beautiful soft corals, cultured and wild LPS and a huge variety of SPS both wild, cultured and farmed from here in the UK! Our corals are sourced from all over the world to try and bring you the best quality and value available!

Another two dedicated systems for marines go hand in hand with the corals and fish, a 900 litre ‘clean up crew’ bay for all your critters and workers of a healthy aquarium, and over 1000 litres for clownfish and their beautiful hosts, the anemones. We love variety and in this system you can find your elegant, simple Common Clown here, Dominoes, Naked, Frostbites, Black Storms, Mochas, Picasso; the list is endless!

There is also two 900 litre systems for tropical freshwater fishkeepers, one for livebearers and the other for general community fish. Although small, the species we have selected are perfect for most fishkeepers that haven’t yet taken the plunge into the saltwater side of things.

Onwards and very much upwards we move onto the dry goods. Almost every known marine brand is represented here and with the excellent knowledge from the staff, we can help guide and assist you in determining the right equipment to create the aquarium that suits you. Starting form the aquarium itself, we have D&D, Red Sea and Evolution Aqua models on display and of course we can have any aquarium of any size manufactured to your bespoke needs. But the aquarium is just the foundations; what lighting, filtration, circulation, additives, heating do you require? We can show you products from Deltec, D&D, Red Sea, Ecotech, Apex, Nyos, TMC, Triton, Jacob, Glamorca, Microbrobe Lift- the list can go on, and on, and on... All and every product has been used by staff in store or on site, and with the fantastic back up of our suppliers, anything and everything is possible!

We also carry all of the essentials for tropical and pond keepers alike, AquaCare, Fluval, Laguna, Tetra, Aqua Nutrition, New Era- all the brands have a place on our shelf and we can help you find the right one for you.

Based just outside Rugby, with excellent links to the M1 and M6, this marine focused store is in easy reach for anyone based in the midlands, and simply will not be a disappointment to any hobbyist visiting.

We look forward to meeting you in store soon!

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