D-D Coral Colour Lens

Posted in Products on 11th Jun 2018

Introducing the brand new Coral Colour Lens from our friends at D-D Aquarium Solutions! We all know how desperately disappointing it is when trying to take good photos using our phones - reds washed out, photos totally blue - but few of us can afford expensive cameras or the time for photoshop.

But now we have a solution! The Coral Colour Lens is a clip mounted filter, coming with two filters and a macro lens for a variety of lighting and those close up shots. Simply clip it on, and turn your iPhone into a close to preoffesional piece of photography equipment!

But a picture tells a thousand words, so let the pictures talk for themselves. A few before and after, and then just some beautiful pics for you to drool over..

All taken by Inga @ ReefKeeper Rugby using an iPhone 8 and around 5 minutes of practice!

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